Outreach Hand Surgery

Dr Graham regularly travels to Nepal and Cambodia to work with, educate and learn from the local surgeons. Dr Graham and the hand therapists from the Palms Hand Therapy (who also travel with Dr Graham to Nepal and Cambodia) feel privileged to have the opportunity work with such amazing people, all with the goal of improving hand surgery and hand therapy across the globe.

How can you help?

  1. Donate to AUSNEP charity http://www.aus-nep.com
  2. Donate to the Orthopaedic Outreach charity http://www.orthoreach.org.au
  3. Donate your thermoplastic splint for re-use in Nepal / Cambodia to Dr Graham’s rooms or The Palms Hand Therapy

Dr Graham would like to sincerely thank the companies and individuals who have provided much needed resources to help both in Cambodia and Nepal. These include Medartis, Acumed / Medical & Optical, Synthes, LMT Surgical, Gold Coast University Hospital, Pindara Private Hospital and John Flynn Private Hospital.