Hand Therapy Gold Coast

Hand therapy plays an integral role in rehabilitation following hand injury, elective and traumatic hand surgery.

Hand therapy is a sub specialised area of both Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, whereby Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists undertake further training in hand therapy. They are regulated by the Australian Hand Therapy Association.

A/Prof Graham or Dr Butler both Orthopaedic hand & wrist surgeons on the Gold Coast may recommend you visit and Hand therapist either pre-operatively, post-operatively or alternatively when surgery is not indicated.

Your hand therapist will carefully supervise your progress, give you specific exercises to perform for your condition and also fabricate specific splints/casts which you require. Hand therapists also will attend to your surgical wound, provide dressings and remove sutures. To achieve the best possible outcome it is crucial that you attend your therapy sessions, and undertake the recommended exercises. The hand therapists liase closely and communicate your progress with Dr Graham, to help plan and individualise your treatment, and to ultimately optimise your outcome.

Hand Therapy Mudgeeraba

The Palms Hand Therapy works alongside Dr Graham and Dr Butler and is co-located inside the Mudgeeraba Hand Clinic – Suite 4/75 Railway St Mudgeeraba QLD 4213. The Palms Hand therapy was established by Marin Suzuki – Dr Graham’s wife, who works in the practice along with other hand therapists Abbie Waddick, Lauren Miller, Paul Foster and Hannah Munro. Dr Graham and Marin have formed this co-located practice based on the Sydney Hospital Hand Unit philosophy, where they have both worked. The goal is to provide streamlined, optimised care of patients with any hand condition under one roof. Additional fees apply for hand therapy treatments, rebates for allied health (Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy) from your private health insurance may apply.

The Palms Hand Therapy can be contacted directly on (07) 5601-0348 or reception@mudgeerabahand.com.au, or visit www.thepalmshandtherapy.com.au

The Palms Hand Therapy