Preliminary evidence of Mulligan’s Mobilisation with movement induced kinesthetic change in recurrent ankle sprains – a double blinded randomised controlled trial

 Vincenzino BGT, Tran T, Yang CR, Graham D

 Presented at VIIth International Physiotherapy Congress Sydney Australia 25-28th May 2002


2002 -2008

Confirmation: LASER application to the cervical spine in the absence of pathology has no effect on sympathetic nervous system outflow, A double blinded randomised controlled trial

  Graham D and Laakso L

 Presented / Published online WALT 2008 – International Conference of the World Association of Laser Therapy Johannesburg South Africa.



Nothing to Sneeze At! A Study into Intraoperative Contamination

 D Graham, B Parkinson, M Evans, P Derrington, G Kiejzers

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After-Hours Surgical Fixation of Hip Fractures in the Elderly is Safe – Results from a Regional Australian Institution

Rajiv Dhaliwal, Akshat Saxena, Kartik Bhatia, David Graham, Stephen Ruff

Submitted to MJA



Treatment of Mutilating Hand Injuries: An International Perspective

 Chapter 6: Secondary Thumb Reconstruction in a Mutilated Hand

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Current Reconstruction Options for Traumatic Thumb Loss: Review Article 

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Radical Resection of a Recurrent Giant Cell Tumor of the Distal Ulna and Reconstruction with a Constrained Distal Radio-Ulnar Prosthesis

 Neil F Jones, David J Graham

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Primary Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis of the Hand – A Rare Paediatric Condition

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Wrist Arthroplasty to facilitate communication in the hearing impaired

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Modification of Obturator to Femoral nerve transfer for Femoral Nerve Palsy

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Abductor Pollicis Longus Lasso Suspensionplasty for Trapeziectomy

Graham DJ, Sivakumar BS

Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery December 2019



Metal on Metal Disease in Wrist Arthroplasty: Systematic Review and Proposed Management

Sivakumar BS, Rapisarda A, Freeman H, Graham D

Submitted for publication in Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery



Bilateral Metacarpal Hands – Reconstruction with Six Toe Transfers

 Neil F Jones, David Graham, Katherine Au

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Range of motion following extensor tendon splitting vs. tendon sparing approaches for plate osteosynthesis of proximal phalangeal fractures – a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Metal on Metal Disease in High Motion Wrist Arthroplasty

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Triangular vascularised free fibula graft for massive carpal reconstruction

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Toe-to-finger vascularised joint transfers for proximal interphalangeal joint reconstruction: a systematic review

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Biomechanical Analysis of the Aductor Pollicis Longus Lasso Suspensionplasty for Trapiezectomy

Sivakumar B, Graham DJ, Ou Yang O, Lawson R

                                    Journal of Hand Surgery Am July 2021



Scaphoid plating: A Systematic Review  

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A prospective analysis of syncope/presyncope in a tertiary paediatric orthopaedic fracture out-patient clinic

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Hemi-Hamate Arthroplasty for Base of Middle Phalanx Fracture: A Systematic Review

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Free medial femoral condyle flap for reconstruction of scaphoid non-union: A Systematic Review

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Sagittal band injuries: a review and modification of the classification system

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Hand Trauma

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Proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis of the hand utilizing a rigid interlocking intramedullary device.

Taylor F, Johns N, Manohoran V, Thomas M, Graham D

Accepted JHS AP



Modified Oberlin nerve transfer for iatrogenic musculocutaneous nerve injury in the octogenarian

Thatcher K, Sivakumar B, Ball J, Graham D

Submitted to Annals of Surgery RCS



Reverse Instrumentation of the Canal for Headless compression screw fixation of basal proximal phalangeal fractures – the RICH technique

Sivakumar B, Lawson R, Graham D

Accepted Journal of Hand Surgery Am



Journal of Hand Surgery Am Perspectives                                    

Invited author August 2021



Acute Mallet Finger – A review

Sivakumar BS, Graham DJ, Ledgard JL, Lawson RD 

Accepted Journal of Hand Surgery Am



Open versus single or dual portal endoscopic carpal tunnel release: A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Koong DP, An VVG, Nandapalan H, Graham D, Sivakumar BS

HAND (NY) March 2022



The One Bone Forearm – A Review

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HAND (NY) March 2022



The utility of the interosseus arteries as an arterial graft

Sivakumar B, Lawson R, Wang T, Graham D

Accepted Journal of Hand Surgery Asia Pacific



Acute Onset Multifocal Hand Dysfunction due to Alkaptonuria

Sivakumar BS, An VVG, Stewart N, Manoharan S, Graham DJ

 Accepted JHSGO



Brachioradialis autograft interosseous membrane reconstruction with revision of distal radio-ulnar joint and ulna shortening osteotomy for chronic Essex-Lopresti injury

Thatcher K, Sivakumar B, Graham D

JHS Asia Pacific volume July 2022




The efficacy of antegrade homodigital island flaps in distal fingertip reconstruction – A Systematic Literature Review

Castillo T, Xu J, Tiedgen A, Lawson R, Graham D, Sivakumar B

Accepted HAND (NY)



Anatomical variations of the musculocutaneous nerve and clinical implications for restoration of elbow flexion

Sivakumar B, Graham D, Bhardwaj P

Journal Hand Surgery Am – Editor’s Choice paper October 2022



Temporal trends in the management of metacarpal and phalangeal fractures in the 21st century – an analysis of Australian population-based data 

An V, Symes M, Clarke E, Graham D, Sivakumar B, Lawson R 

ANZ J Surgery July 2022



Outcomes of first metacarpal extension osteotomy for early-stage base of thumb arthritis

Chiang H, Lawson R, Graham DJ, Sivakumar BS,

HAND (NY) Jan 2022



Range of motion required for Auslan: A biomechanical analysis

Graham D, McCarron L, Boyd S, Phillips T, Sivakumar B

 Submitted to ANZ J Surgery



Trends in management of distal radius fractures in Australia

 An V, Symes M, Kumar C, Graham D, Sivakumar BS

 Submitted Annals of Surgery RCS


Orthopaedic surgical time estimates: A prospective observational study comparing theatre team members’ estimation accuracy

 S Butler, M Kao, D. Graham, B Sivakumar, A Watson, T Loseli, A Saxena, A Van der Rijt 

Australian Health Review Oct 2022



Outcomes of Arthroscopic-Assisted Distal Radius Fracture Volar Plating: A Metanalysis

Shihab Z, Sivakumar B, Graham D, Piñal F del

Journal of Hand Surgery Am Feb 2022 – Editor’s Choice Article


Dermatology and skin conditions for hand surgeons: Review Article

Graham DJ, Sivakumar BS, Stewart NS, Jones NF

Journal of Hand Surgery Am Feb 2022



A novel method of treating and rehabilitating patients with flexor tendon injuries to the lesser toes.

 Youlden D, Farhat M, Kemety C, Graham D, Wines A, Sivakumar B, Symes M

JFAS Dec 2022



Outcomes of Arthroscopic Debridement of the First Carpometacarpal Joint: A Systematic Review

Shehovych A, Lawson R, Graham DJ, Sivakumar B

Submitted to HAND (NY)



Distal interphalangeal joint arthroplasty – A systematic review

Xu J, Gilpin J, McCarron L, Sivakumar B, Graham D

Submitted to JHS AP



Calculation of the web index to measure web creep after surgery in children with syndactyly

Tonkin M, Donaldson M, Graham D, Marshall T, Ou Yang O

Submitted to JHS Eu



Tightrope fixation for Bennett’s fractures

 Sivakumar B, Watson A, Graham D

JHSGO March(5)2: 2023 206-210



Cost analysis of intramedullary screw versus plate and screw osteosynthesis for phalangeal and metacarpal fractures
Vaotuua D, Sivakumar B, McCarron L, Graham D

Accepted JHS AP



The medial femoral trochlear osteochondral flap for scaphoid reconstruction: A systematic review

Sivakumar B, Graham D, Lawson R, Stewart D 

Accepted HAND NY Jan 2023



Regional Anaesthesia in Upper Limb Surgery. Then, Now and Future Directions                                    Haines M, McLennan L, Graham D, Sivakumar B

Accepted Annals of Plastic Surgery



Opponensplasty for nerve palsy: A Systematic Review

Coulshed N, Graham D, Sivakumar B

Accepted HAND (NY)


Comparison of Arterial and Venous Interposition grafting for Arterial Defects in a Rat Model.

 Graham D, Thatcher K, Hughes I, Schick B, Sivakumar B

Submitted JHS Am



Practice variation in proximal phalangeal fracture management

Sivakumar B, Ross M, Graham D

Accepted JHS Asia Pacific Volume Jan 2023



Flexor digitorum superficialis excision for trigger finger – a systematic review

Crouch G, Graham D, Xu J, Sivakumar B

Accepted JHS Asia Pacific Volume April 2023



Accessory Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon – An Anatomical Variant

Kim R, Graham D, Lawson R, Sivakumar B

Submittted to ANZ J Surgery


Ongoing Research



A randomised controlled trial of dorsal plating, lateral plating and intramedullary screws for displaced extra-articular proximal phalangeal fractures: the POSI-P1 Trial.

Sivakumar B and Graham D

Ethics and clinical governance approved for 8 sites, 2 states

  Recruiting patients 2021-2023, currently at 65 patients


A randomised controlled trial of suture vs glue for nail bed injuries: A multi-centre study

Morgan S, McCarron L, Shridhar V, Graham D, Namazie R

Redcliffe Hospital, STARS Hospital, Toowoomba Base Hospital, Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital, Varsity Lakes Day Hospital


2022 – present          

Comparison of intramedullary screw fixation verses dorsal plating for displaced extra-articular metacarpal fractures: A randomised control trial – POSIM trial

Torabi F, Graham D, Sivakumar B, McCarron L, Taylor F

 Ethics approval pending


A Biomechanical comparison of Bennett’s fracture fixation methods

Ahlquist S, Gajewski C, Sivakumar B, Jones NF, Graham D

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Australian Research Collaboration on Hands (ARCH)

Ethics approved


Sticks out like a sore thumb: A survey of Orthopaedic doctors and hand therapists

Sivakumar B, McCarron L, Bindra R, Graham D

Ethics approved

Invited Book Chapters




Book Chapter: Hand Flaps: Pedicled Flaps; The Radial Forearm Flap     ASSH Surgical Anatomy: Flap Reconstruction

Edited by Steven L. Moran, MD and Kevin C. Chung, MD

                                    David J Graham, Neil F Jones


Book Chapter: Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, Skirvin 7th Edition

Chapter 96: The Surgical and Rehabilitative Aspects of Replantation and Revascularization of the Hand

Neil F Jones, David J Graham, James Chang, Parivash Kashani


Imaging of the MSK System

Osseus Imaging of the Hand

 Buchan C, Sivakumar B, Graham D (Editor Prof Larry White)