Full payment is required at the time of consultation. Payment options include cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit / debit card. If you have a WorkCover claim approved, kindly bring the approved claim number; if an approved claim number has not yet been issued, you will be required to pay for your consultation and have this reimbursed through WorkCover.

Follow-up consultations are generally quicker than initial consultations, and are therefore charged a lower fee.

The cost of post-operative appointments is generally included into the surgical fee, and hence there is no added cost for routine follow up consultations. The specific duration of this will vary depending on the procedure performed.

If you and Dr Graham decide that surgery is the best option for your condition, an estimation of the cost will be provided by Dr Graham’s secretary.

The specific costs will vary, depending on the condition, your health fund and level of cover. In most instances, the majority of the cost will be covered by your health fund, however there is usually some out of pocket expense which is not covered. We attempt to minimize these costs where possible.

Other costs which may be incurred in excess of the health fund rebate include, but are not limited to:

  • The surgical assistant’s fee
  • The Anaesthetist’s fee
  • The Private Hospital fee
  • Hand Therapy fees
  • Radiology fees
  • Pharmacy fees

(these will also vary depending on your specific health fund and level of cover).
There are no additional fees associated with WorkCover or DVA patients.