My Surgery

Dr David Graham operates privately at John Flynn Private Hospital, Tugan and now also at Pindara Private Hospital, Benowa on the Gold Coast

Pre-operative planning
Prior to undergoing surgery, it is advisable to cease smoking as this inhibits wound healing, increases the risk of non union of fractures, and makes you more vulnerable to post-operative chest infections.

Some medications need to be ceased prior to surgery (specifically some blood thinning and some immunosuppressive medications).

Please check with Dr Graham / Gold Coast Centre for Bone and Joint Surgery at the time of consultation if you need to cease any of your medications prior to doing so.

If you are diabetic, you will need to carefully monitor your blood sugar levels when you are fasting. More information will be given to you from the Gold Coast Centre for Bone and Joint Surgery.

Driving in a cast or splint may place you in a precarious situation regarding your insurance status. If possible you may wish to consider arranging alternative transportation for the period you will be unable to drive yourself. You will also need an escort from the hospital post-operatively on the day of surgery (if it is day surgery).

Post-operative instructions

Generic post operative instructions include :

  • Keep the hand clean dry
  • Keep the hand elevated – to the level of your heart or above
  • Keep uninvolved joints moving – including elbow and shoulder
  • Take all prescribed medication as directed
  • Attend hand therapy sessions as directed
  • Take analgesia as required to allow prescribed exercise
  • If you are concerned, please call Dr Graham’s rooms on (07) 5598 0194, or if after hours please attend the John Flynn Private Hospital or Pindara Private Hospital Emergency Departments (open 24 hours)

Specific post-operative instructions will be given to you following your operation.

Hand Surgery risks
Any surgical procedure carries some associated risk. This must always be weighed up against the likely benefits from the procedure, and an informed decision made by the patient. General risks of any procedure include anaesthetic risks (which will be discussed in more detail by the Anaesthetist), infection, failure of resolution of the symptoms and damage to the surrounding structures (including nerve, artery, tendon, joint, bone). Specifically in the hand, regional pain syndromes and stiffness may result from either trauma or surgery, or a combination of both.